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Uniforms & Badges

Chelmsford & District Scout Shop can be found at Brookbank (by the allotments at the back of the shops) on Meadgate parade.  The shop is open on Wednesday evenings 7pm-9pm and Saturday mornings from 10am-12 noon. The shop sells all uniform items as well as some other bits and pieces.

There are 12 activity badges available for Beavers, ranging from the Adventure Activity Badge to the Imagination Activity Badge, along with many challenge awards, partnership awards and some staged badges which run all through the Scouting sections.

Not all badges will be completed at weekly meetings, so why not find out what needs to be done for the badges and learn where they need to be sewn once they’ve been presented.




The Cub Scouts can earn up to 33 activity badges, including Air Activities, Water Activities, Faith and Animal Care, along with a wide range of challenge awards, partnership awards and the staged badges which can be earned in any section.

With such a range of badges available, there’s no way that we could include all of them in our weekly meetings! Some require specialist knowledge that Cubs might get from lessons and clubs outside of Scouting and so it’s a great idea to learn what the requirements are for each badge and where about on the uniform they belong!




The Scout section has 73 Activity badges available to it’s members covering topics such as PR, Street Sports, Survival Skills and DIY, with the possibility of gaining instructors awards for some of these. On top of all of these, there’s still challenge awards, partnership awards and of course the staged badges.

With this number of badges, the Scouts will need to do some work at home if they plan to achieve even a small percentage of what’s available. It’s worth checking out what’s required for each badge and where it goes when it’s completed.